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Photographer and Retoucher Scott Lapidge and Ashley Maman are SLAM.


Tired of photography and retouching not working effectively together, they joined forces to reinvent image creation workflow and realise the creative and practical opportunities of a more collaborative approach.


In this fast moving world with ever shorter deadlines, SLAM’s method of working in parallel has real creative as well as practical benefits, resulting in amazing images for amazing clients.


Photoshoots can have a lot of people on set; SLAM’s collaborative approach means anyone’s ideas can be incorporated there and then, combining elements on screen in real-time for agency consideration or initial client approval. With SLAM, you know what you can expect with no surprises - or disappointments - at the end of the process.

From un-standard packshots to impossibly imaginative images, clients such as RedBull, Mercedes, Audi, Google, Honda, GQ, Vogue UK, Bacardi, Chivas, Diageo, Budweiser, Halfords and more have already discovered the creative potential of SLAM’s dynamic duo approach in enhancing their brands - without wasting time, money and potential in the process.


Bringing a combined 30 years of experience together, they are true craftsmen in their respective fields: Scott prides himself on what can be captured ‘in camera’, an art form that's sadly becoming rare. Ashley has the retouching and compositing skills necessary to ensure any image truly compliments the product and captures the brand essence.


When the need arises, Slam is well-equipped to assemble a specialised production team that perfectly aligns with your requirements and budget. They offer invaluable services like location scouting, styling, and beyond.



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