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The Photography & Retouch Duo

Three years ago, Scott L and Ashley M were paired as two creatives in a photographic company. 

This was at a time when a photographer and retoucher pairing was unheard of. 

After winning an automotive job they were pitching for, they set to work on a new approach. They combined both photography and post production techniques to create a unique creative workflow. 

They co-founded SLAM to build a mutually beneficial way of doing business, free from bickering bosses and a neglected brand.

 In building bespoke services around briefs, time and money is never wasted. Best of all, putting creative photography and post production together upfront - not as an afterthought.


With a combined 30 years of experience we are true craftsmen in all aspects of image creation. Scott prides himself with his attention to  detail that is captured ‘in camera’- something which is now becoming a lost art.
Ashley is a highly skilful photo retoucher and is incredibly vigilant in ensuring that his work complements the characteristics of the product without compromising the quality.

Screenshot 2021-06-07 at 16.44.51.png


RedBull, Mercedes, Audi, Google, Honda, McCann, GQ, Vogue UK, Bacardi, Chivas, Proximo Drinks, Diageo, Budweiser, International Eyewear, Roman Originals, Overfinch, Bespoke, Grenade and many more

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