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The Photography & Retouch Duo

Who are we

We specialise in high-end stills and video content and have been producing shoots for over 30 years from our midlands based HQ.


We work alongside advertising agencies, designers, CGI houses and directly with companies large and small.

Prices include: crew, studio set, equipment, kitchen facilities. All quotations are bespoke and project specific.


With a combined 30 years of experience we are true craftsmen in all aspects of image creation.


Scott prides himself with his attention to  detail that is captured ‘in camera’- something which is now becoming a lost art


 Ashley is a highly skillful photo retoucher and is incredibly vigilant in ensuring that his work complements the characteristics of the product without compromising the quality.


We aim to make sure you are happy with all delivered assets.

Whether thats incredible entertainment onset (our banter makes everyone laugh!) to final delivery.

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